About Me

            I have always had a passion to draw since I was young.  I like to create and tell my own stories as well, so why not combine the two together and create comics?  Sequential art or “comics” is one of the types of art I like most to create.  I also make illustrations (traditional and digital), and paintings.  I tend to use a wide variety of mediums for my artwork, including pencils, ink, and markers for my drawings, and watercolor, oil, and acrylic for my paintings.  I’ve always thought it fun to try out different mediums. 


              My style tends to fluctuate; sometimes it can be elegant, sometimes it can be humorous and cartoony, and on rare occasions it ventures into dark and/or racy territory. For instance, I did a comic strip that involved my playful Siamese cat Mei-Ying and her mischievous monkey shines with everyday life.  The stories are mostly lighthearted and silly with Mei-Ying using her imagination to get herself into all sorts of trouble. Part of the comic series was based on my life with an energetic cat and the other part involved my imagination. The artists that have influenced me include Alphonse Mucha, Roy Lichtenstein, and many anime artists such as Naoko Takeuchi, Hirohiko Araki, and Junko Mizuno.  I’m always learning and perfecting my art as I go along.